EviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid

EviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid

EnviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid is a powerful, concentrated water-based bio-remediating parts cleaner with superior cleaning capabilities which eliminates disposal costs, as well as health and safety risks. The EnviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid is a mixture of naturally occurring microbes and several enzymes coupled with a nutrient package that accelerates the bioremediation process. Effectively degrades gasoline (BTEX), diesel, motor oils, greases, anti-freeze, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, ATF, cutting fluids as well as animal and vegetable oils and heavy synthetic oils and greases. Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent flash rusting. Designed for use with most manual parts washers.

  • Powerful – Microbe-powered concentrated formula with superior cleaning capabilities.
  • Effective – Consistent performance with quick breakdown and removal of oils and greases.
  • Economical – Dilute 20:1 (6.4 ounces per gallon) with water.
  • Versatile – Safe to use on metals, including copper and brass as well as rubber, plastic and all washable painted surfaces.
  • Safe – No VOC’s, pH neutral, caustic and solvent-free, non-flammable and non-hazardous.

EnviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid is a concentrate and must be diluted with water before use. Dilute 1 part of EnviroCLEAN Parts Cleaner Liquid with 20 parts water. Type, age and build-up of soils will determine cleaning time and life of solution, as well as the soil load, concentration and frequency of use. Drain excess oils and fluids from parts before placing in solution. Do not pour any type of oils and fuels into solution for disposal purposes. Do not use chlorinated solvents or add other cleaners or chemicals into the solution. Circulation and aeration are essential for microbial growth as continuous aeration is recommended. Fluid should be heated before and during use (usually 100°F to 110°F) Never exceed 120°F. Filters for removing solids must be cleaned (if applicable) and/or solids removed from the bottom of reservoir periodically. A significant decline in cleaning strength is a sure sign that the system may be overloaded or the microbes may not be functioning as intended for some reason (causing an oil build-up). Foul odors indicate that the aerobic population is low and sludge is probably collecting at the bottom of the reservoir. Be certain the fluid is getting adequate aeration and circulation and that everyone is following the recommended guidelines for both product and machine use.

EnviroCLEAN Liquid Parts Cleaner can be purchased in convenient sizes

5-Gallon Pail


5-Gallon Drum


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