GreaseGrabber Food Service Products

GreaseGrabber Food Service Products

The GreaseGrabber line consists of a line of products designed to clean animal and vegetable fats and oils. GreaseGrabber products use a proprietary blend of microbes, enzymes and nutrients to break down animal and vegetable fats to their component parts of carbon dioxide and water. All GreaseGrabber products are safe for the environment.

GreaseGrabber Food Service Cleaner & Degreaser

GreaseGrabber Food Service Cleaner & Degreaser not only cleans grease, it eliminates it. The product contains live proprietary microbes that attack the grease and convert it to its component parts. GreaseGrabber works with fats, oils and greasy soils as well as other food wastes.

GreaseGrabber Hood & Grill Cleaner

GreaseGrabber Hood & Grill Cleaner utilizes microbial technology to not only “grab” the grease, but actually eliminate it. The proprietary microbes in GreaseGrabber convert the grease and oils to their component parts of carbon dioxide and water. GreaseGrabber Hood & Grill cleaner is an extra-strength product designed to removed old and baked-on greases and oils.

GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer

GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer is a combination of all-natural vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals. Every grease trap has naturally-occurring microbes present, but the conditions are harsh and the microbes become sluggish and die. GreaseGrabber Grease Trap Energizer actually energizes the grease trap by creating an environment where the microbes can grow and thrive to consume FOG and transform it into carbon dioxide and water.

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