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About Industrial Environmental & Chemical Company

Industrial Chemical & Environmental Co. is a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the world in which we live. The PRODUCTS we carry incorporate the most innovative and effective microbial formulas yet to be introduced in the bioremediation industry (which test results and a proven track record bear out).

From our perspective, the fact that there’s even a need for the industry is a sad testimony, in and of itself. This generation is already witnessing the worst assaults on our environment in the whole of human history. With regard to this, ICECO chooses to be part of the solution to our planet’s ecological woes.

ICECO stands behind every item we sell, offering the most effective and eco-friendly products.

Excellence doesn’t end there. Our friendly, professional sales staff is committed to ensure the total satisfaction of every client. They are backed by a fully trained support team that is always ready to assist whenever necessary.

You can put your trust in ICECO. We won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with our work and our products.

Industrial Chemical & Environmental has been a “hands on” company since the beginning, providing the best sales, service and support the industry has to offer prospective customers. “The sale” is not the end of the relationship; it’s actually just the start! ICECO values our clients, and will always be at the ready to assist them in prompt, professional fashion.

The bioremediation industry is a relatively new and still emerging field. One which,sadly, is already overflowing with sales representatives who act as little more than order takers for drop shipments without truly understanding the product they are marketing. This is not the case with Industrial Chemical & Environmental. We understand the need and the use of our entire product line.

Our commitment to helping restore the environment is reinforced by our strong SUPPORT, insuring not only the quality and effectiveness of our entire product line, but also that your personnel understand the safe and proper protocols for their most effective implementation within the confines of your unique needs and circumstances.

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