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Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges
Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions to Environmental Challenges

What is "Bioremediation"?

Bioremediation is a fancy word for a very simple and straight forward concept.


The bioremediation process utilizes microorganisms to eradicate petroleum-based pollutants (commonly known as "hydrocarbons"). 


Microbes attack the contaminant, initially increasing its surface size, as it is broken down into smaller components.


Subsequently, the microbes are then able to produce enzymes that allow them to absorb the contaminant molecules in much the same way that the human stomach processes food.


The products offered by Industrial Chemical & Environmental Company use the microbe digestive process to convert hydrocarbons into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water.  This safe and effective cleaning method leaves no waste or toxins behind therefore posing no threat to surrounding plant or animal life.