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Welcome to the Industrial Chemical & Environmental Company website.  Our company offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products including cleaner, degreasers, fuel spill remediators, and disinfectants.


We offer three distinct product lines.   Our EnviroCLEAN line features a range of cleaners, degreasers and fuel remediators that target hydrocarbon products such as gasoline, kerosine, diesel, greases and oils.  These products work their magic by containing live microbes that actually digest the hydrocarbons and covert them to carbon dioxide and water.  Use of our products cause no harm to the environment.


Our GreaseGrabber line offers group of products and cleaners for use in various food preparation applications.  This family of products utilizes a different strain of microbes that digest the naturally occurring oils and grease produced during the food preparation process.  These natural microbes are safe for both humans and the environment.

Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner


Finally, we have our Beyond Green Disinfectant and Surface Cleaner.  Beyond Green is a completely natural product that kills viruses and bacteria quickly and efficiently without leaving any residue.